Campo Agave & Corona

Sayalonga, 7/25/2020 – Campo Agave has not yet had much trouble with the corona virus. No infections are known in Sayalonga and the surrounding municipalities. Of course we take the necessary precautions for our guests, but  in a relaxed way; you hardly notice it. Face masks are not necessary at Campo Agave: good hygiene of the facilities (cleaning, disinfection, we take care of that) and ‘social distancing’ are sufficient. In daily practice, this is effortless, because Campo Agave is small-scale and there is plenty of space for everybody on the site. It helps, of course, that Campo Agave is not situated in the busier coastal area and has no run-up from non-guests. But also in this region and in the Andalusian cities people are fairly relaxed with the measures taken. Face masks are commonly used in shops and busy streets; it may not look very nice, but perhaps more importantly: everything is open and functioning (beaches, shops, terraces, museums, etc …). Our message is: don’t let corona spoil your holiday fun! If you have any doubts or questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and update you on the current situation.